Diane Abbott – A Fool & Her Afro Are Soon Parted.

Diane Abbott, Afro,Hairstyle,interview,Mi5, IRAAre you sick of hearing about the General Election? I certainly am. Have you heard anyone say anything interesting yet? Has anyone inspired you? No? Well how about the Jabba the Hutt of British politics, Diane Abbott?

Yesterday Diane Abbott told the the Andrew Marr show that her past support for the IRA was as out of date as her afro hairstyle. During the interview the shadow home secretary also refused to say why she once voted against banning Al Qaeda and calling for MI5 to be disbanded.

She was also questioned over her history of consistently opposing measures to toughen up national security.

Essentially all she could say was this;

“It was 34 years ago, I had a rather splendid afro at the time. I don’t have the same hairstyle now and I don’t have the same views.”

I don’t know much ‘splendid afros’ but I do know that listening to Diane Abbott is like a barbed wire enema for my ears. She’s an incompetent fool who blames her stupid remarks on anything but herself. Her attempts to pretend otherwise have largely failed.

One day in June the Labour Party will have a little groupthink about how they blew a supremely winnable election. Imagine that meeting, it’ll be super excruciating. Their cynical opportunism dressed up as uniting the country has failed. Ultimately they’ll blame their downfall on Jeremy Corbyn’s loyalty to Diane Abbott while his anorexic shadow shrieks denial from the corner.

Yes really, their meeting will be about as awkward as watching your pet poodle trying to hump a tree. They’ll have no idea why they’ve really lost but hey, there’s some nobility in keeping tight with your homies.

What’s clear is Diane Abbott is not going away. Who knows, this time next year she might have Jeremy Corbyn’s face tattooed on her arm. Good luck in the politics business Diane, you’re an amazing woman, you just gave Theresa May a standing ovation.

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