Donald Trump Wins The Annual Toilet Paper Awards

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The carousel of destruction that is the American political system spins faster with each passing day. That’s right, just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get any worse he opens his twattering mouth and twitters again.

Nothing is shocking anymore. President Donald Trump could punch a baby in the face or call Mother Teressa a zoo monkey and you’d just shrug your shoulders.

Last week, Trump went on another of his Twitter rants. In a series of tweets he admitted that he’d given classified information away to the Russians. A gift, a freebie!

Can this be true? A gibbering buffoon fresh from the rubber room can throw classified secrets at anyone on the planet and not be guilty of treason? This is beyond frightening.

This latest act of incompetence came hot on the heels of Trump firing his FBI director James Comey who, coincidentally was leading an investigation into his campaign’s ties with Mother Russia.

In an effort to assure the American people that the current threat level has decreased to WTF, Trump stated that the firing of Comey was not an attempt to obstruct the course of justice. No sir, Comey was fired because he was crap at his job.

So there you have it, masterful mockery at it’s finest!

The relationship that Trump’s election campaign may have had with Russia raises the thorney issue of Michael Flynn’s short tenure as his national security adviser. You’ll remember how Flynn was forced to resign after being caught giving hand jobs to the Russians on the very day Obama issued new sanctions against them.

Everyone is now looking at the Oval Office like, “hmmm,”

Most Unfairly Treated Politician In History

Yesterday President Trump faced another crisis. This time the word IMPEACH was thrown into the mix.

Al Green, a Democratic congressman from Texas has called for Trump’s impeachment citing his campaign’s ties with Russia and the dubious sacking of FBI director James Comey.

This was most unfair retorted Trump. Speaking (ranting) at a coastguard graduation ceremony in Connecticut the US President squawked that no politician in history” had been “treated worse or more unfairly” than himself.

Trump has also been excusing his aides for not giving journalists accurate information. He has threatened the “fake media” by suggesting that he may stop press briefings altogether.

Everyone is now waiting for Sean Spicer to hose the White House Press corps down with a fire extinguisher because they’ve been lying to him.

It’s worth Googling the names of people who expose things about Donald Trump that make him feel uncomfortable.

Take his ex-wife Marla Maples for example. According to a report she employed a ghost writer to write a tell-all book about her marriage to Trump. The book was scheduled for publication during the election campaign.

Marla’s book never made it to print.

It begs the question. How much would you pay to stop the world from knowing that your ding-a-ling is the size of a Cheeto? Clearly we’re looking at a baby carrot here. No, it’s fine, seriously it’s big.

Donald Trump is now spiraling out of control, a ludicrous buffoon trolling anyone outside of his immediate family. Please don’t start a war.

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