The Real Donald Trump Got Deleted

Donald Trump,twitter,newsmediaimages,news,media,images,socialYesterday, on the last day in their job, a disgruntled Twitter employee deactivated Donald Trump’s account.

Well done! Everybody needs a thank you, not a lot – just a teeny-tiny bit of one. But no, Twitter bosses were in no mood to thank their former employee. Instead, just 11 minutes after he’d disappeared, Twitter’s management reinstated Donald Trump to the Twitter-sphere.

Donald Trump then responded by saying his removal shows that his word is “having an impact”.

He tweeted:

Donald Trump, Tweet, newsmediaimages

Trump’s ‘word’ having an impact? Really? Is that it? Well, story over then.

Now what?

I have the rest of this page to fill so without further ado I shall content myself with a (slightly self indulgent) extravaganza of Trump bashing.

Mocking Trump.

It’s ironic that all the news outlets seem committed to tearing Trump down. Whilst I think coverage of Donald Trump should stop at his ginger wig, (which should be donated to a homeless crackhead) clearly there’s a media stampede to publish anti-Trump stories.

There’s been no media phenomena quite like it. Fat faced media moguls and their wall to wall coverage of a fat faced President. It’s a game. Follow the money. Or the lazy writers.

Sadly, ALMOST everybody can get away with blind Trump bashing these days. They take to social media for cheap applause. His detractors view everything he says as either racist, sexist, Islamaphobic or homophobic. They all seem to think he’s nothing more than a spray painted pumpkin head struggling for coherent diction.

Sometimes their posts are humorous, sometimes they’re flat and lame. It doesn’t matter. It’s all part of the global Anti-Trump rally. 

I guess in this era of social media that’s fair enough but you can expect Trump to take any criticism to heart. He lives for that shit. After all starting an argument with a heinous tweeter is a good way to win over his non-critical followers.

That said, to me Donald Trump is like having a mormon knocking at the door. Thanks, but no thanks.

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