Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, playboy, We all know how HUGH HEFNER liked to walk around in his pyjamas…. while wearing a captain’s hat. We also know that he liked to pay playmates to be his wife. That should be all we need to know. But it’s not.

Marrying a man like Hugh Hefner is a gold-diggers dream come true. After all you could end up marrying a giant windbag like Boris Johnson.

Dreams do come true.

Crystal – the 31-year-old widow of Hugh Hefner – was married to the 91 year-old Playboy mogul for almost five years. Many would say she deserves compensation for that. I mean, keeping her wrinkly old robe-wrapped husband warm at night can’t have been easy.

Anyway, if the mainstream media are to be believed then the only reward Crystal Hefner will get from her marriage is a famous last name.

What some of the papers have said is that after they married Crystal’s name was never mentioned in Hefner’s last will and testimony. The press have suggested that all Crystal will receive from Hugh’s estate is a complimentary Uber ride on the day she’s evicted from his house.

But that’s not the whole story….

A happy ending.

We all know that every story has a happy ending. And if it’s not a happy ending, then it’s not the end of the story

And so it came to pass. According to UsWeekly Hefner and his third wife signed an “ironclad” prenup (mood killer!) before they married in December 2012.

It seems as quickly as Hugh could say “I Do” this prenup came into force. It ensured that Crystal would be adequately provided for after he died.

The contract included the provision of a luxury home and several million dollars.

TMZ are saying that they seen the deed to a Hollywood Hills home which is held in a trust. The trust is controlled by… that’s right – Crystal Hefner.

And there’s more happy ending … the prenup also included a lump sum payout of $5 million.

Reeeesult:  Gold-digger 1 – 0 Press

Let’s face it, Hugh Hefner was always a bit of a weirdo so I wouldn’t put it past him to have left Crystal four peacocks and his collection of house slippers.

And finally here’s a clip from the upcoming film – The Christy Hefner Life Story

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