Kanye West – $30m Insurance Payout.

Kanye West, Insurance,tour,hospitalised,Remember when we all thought that being insured would save us from a fate worse than death. No? Well Kanye West certainly does.

Three days ago Kanye West was taken to UCLA Medical Center for a quick psychiatric evaluation. Two days before that he abruptly cancelled the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo Tour.

Now then, over there in Los Angeles there’s a growing theory that Kanye West may have committed himself to hospital as part of an elaborate plan to collect the $30 million tour insurance money.

Seriously, it’s true. Digital Music News are saying that if Kanye West can get the doctors to diagnose him with psychosis then he stands to earn a massive insurance payout for the lost revenue he would have earned for the remainder of the Pablo tour – which was scheduled to run for another six weeks.

To successfully claim this money Kanye West would have to prove that he hadn’t done anything deliberately stupid in order to put himself into such a state.

Presumably that means the taking of mind expanding drugs – or marrying a woman he fell in love with after watching her sex tape – or humping Amber Rose into a fit of delirium.

Contrary to popular belief you can be ill and a fool all at the same time. This means, you get to walk around acting like a complete idiot and blame it on your illness. Seriously some  people think the clouds are cartoons. Others settle for stabbing strangers in tube stations.

Oh well, you know what they say – every fool has his day.

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