Katie Hopkins: Say Something Nice.

Katie hopkins

Pairing the insidious wit of Katie Hopkins with the insipid genius of the Daily Mail can only result in disaster. A bit like being treated for a paper cut and then being told you have an STD. Who cares about a silly paper cut now?

Anyways, this is a Say Something Nice post so lets at least make an effort.

Begins. Following her run of distasteful shenanigans at the Sun newspaper Katie Hopkins has now taken her walkie-talkie mouth across town and joined the digital billboard many call the Daily Fail.

I don’t know…. it’s hard to imagine why anybody would make the decision to employ a laugh-a-minute muppet like Katie Hopkins. Not unless you’ve seen her bra and panties on your boardroom floor that is. Honestly, it’s the only explanation I can think of. No such behavior goes on here I hasten to add.

Oh Mike D.W that’s not the best way to start a Say Something Nice post. Try again.

OK. Katie Hopkins was rewarded with a better job by a better paper because she’s a widely read columnist who deserved it.

Really, it’s true. Katie Hopkin’s debut article will totally impress every one of the MailOnline’s 30 trillion readers. It’s a peach of a post, really it is.

For example under the headline, Hey, Sharm sun-seekers, there’s a reason holidays in Egypt are cheap – so stop moaning you’re stuck there and be grateful you’re EVER coming back! Katie tells everyone what they already know. Namely that the middle east is a dangerous place to go on holiday.

As obvious as it is true.

However. I still believe that Katie’s bid to stay relevant will prove as unfortunate as it has opportunist. Will it work? The hell if I know. When you’re digging a tunnel out of prison you don’t always have the option of choosing a spoon or a fork. You just dig.

While Katie Hopkins’ future may be more progressive at the Daily Mail, I still believe that her latest ‘mouth-around’ will be shelved in the very near future.

Now then, apart from being scandalously sarcastic I think I have finally won. I’ve said Something Nice. I did good, right?

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