Katie Price – A Prostitute For Harvey?

Katie Price, Harvey-prostitute news, media, imagesKatie Price (who apparently, scalped a My Little Pony for that wig) is a regular panelist on the ITV talk show Loose Women. On Wednesday she talked about her 15-year-old angel son Harvey. Harvey is partially blind, on the autistic spectrum and has a disorder called Parder-Willi syndrome.

During her discussions with the other panelists, Katie Price naturally got onto that demon subject – sex!

Katie told them that ever since her son Harvey started puberty she’d wondered how to help him with his romantic life. Should she introduce sex to him? If so, how? Katie then confessed she had been contemplating hiring a prostitute to take Harvey’s virginity when he reaches adulthood.

Katie made her confession during a discussion with author Kathy Lette who also contemplated hiring a prostitute for her own autistic son, Jules.

Talking directly to Kathy, mother-of-five Katie said:

‘‘My son Harvey has autism, he’s now 15 and naturally at 15 it’s normal to experiment with yourself.  

I read that you said you would hire your son a prostitute.

Your son is high functioning with autism but Harvey is at a different end of spectrum, so is it fair for him to experience it (sex)?

Shall I get him a prostitute for his 18th birthday? For me, that’s my little Harvey and he hasn’t got a clue about those things, but what do I do?”

Kathy then answered:

“I think you wait and see if he’s angst ridden about it (sex) and if it’s an issue for him. For Jules it really was.”

Loose Women was then pulled off air due to an ‘inappropriate segment.’

My opinion.

Well thank-you ITV, pulling the show off air was about as helpful as those evil-hearted trolls who regually spew hate balls at Harvey on social media.

Be that as it may Katie’s foolish notions are not going to bring around the type of woman a mother wants to meet her son. But then again, neither are giant lips over a pair of enormous fake tits. And yes, I accept both will definitely bring men around.

Anyway. Harvey had the right idea a few years ago when he told Peter Andre to “f**k off” in their reality show. Well played, Harvey! You had the right idea back then.  I only wish you could give a similar retort to the producers of Loose Women now.

If I were Harvey Price then I’d ask my mother a simple, truthful and yet polite question. Press play.

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