Kerry Katona: Another Marriage Over.

Kerry Katona-george Kay-split-divorce

Inevitably predictably and obviously – Kerry Katona and her husband George Kay have ‘sad but trued’ on their marriage. It’s over.

Inevitably – a spokesman for Kerry has spoked:

“It is with deep sadness Kerry announces the end of her marriage to George Kay. Her focus now will be on her gorgeous children.”

Predictably – you can see full details of the split in the Sun . Ahhh yes, the Sun newspaper, they have a team of aggressive midgets who live in small lean-to next Kerry Katona’s house just waiting for these kind of things to happen. I’m sorry, aggressive little-people, like in Beijing.

Obviously – these two wonderful mud muppets couldn’t make it past year three and one illegitimate child. No doubt Kerry Katona, being a multi-marriage lady with a herd of babies and the face of a Quentin Matsys painting, will come up smelling of roses and then move on to her next marital failure.

However, for whiz bang zapper man George Kay I expect this will hit him much much harder. It’s not quite as bad as losing the battery charger to your taser or your entire genital package to a public meltdown in front of your neighbours, but still, this was his wife and his baby’s mama. Now that pain has got to linger for minutes on end.

I have a theory. If you have sex with Kerry Katona it will kill your whole life. Even if you happen to be married to her. Still, it’s hard to imagine that Kerry and George, who’s true love story didn’t quite make the marriage of the year awards, are splitting up after such a long run.

The impending divorce should free Kerry to focus on new ways to re-release a hit single and George to focus on making more money off someone else’s celebrity.

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