Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14.

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Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp has accused Kevin Spacey of making a sexual advance toward him when he was just 14 years-old.

The star has told BuzzFeed that he first met Kevin Spacey in 1986 after being invited to a party at his New York apartment.

Rapp claims he got bored with the party so went into a bedroom to watch television. Rapp then alleges that Spacey came into the room and, in one clumsy action, picked him up, threw him on to a bed and jumped on top of him.

He said that he was able to get away and went into bathroom where he shut door before deciding to leave Spacey’s apartment.

Even though his story is three decades old Rapp says that due to the numerous sexual allegations made against Harvey Weinstein now is the right time to come forward. How very #Metoo of you sir.

Quite a night.

When the story first broke Spacey’s ‘people’ initially refused to comment. However,  with the news trending on the socials, one of them told Spacey to get on Twitter and say something appropriate.

So Kevin Spacey did. He posted a statement stating that he couldn’t remember the incident. However, he was pretty sure that he didn’t try to sexually assault Rapp. He was drunk, so here’s a ‘big sorry’ if something inappropriate happened.

Spacey then announced that he was gay. Who saw that coming? 

Kevin Spacey,tweet,newsmediaimagesAdding the “Hey, I’m gay” postscript to a denial of child sexual assault seems a little tasteless to me. However, by saying that he wants to deal with the allegation ‘honestly and openly’ might take him out of Hollywood’s ‘glass closet’ and give a middle finger to his critics.

It still begs the question – who the hell puts a fourteen year old child at a drunken actors’ late night party?

Unless more actors come forward with charges against Spacey, you have to believe the public will move on from these uncorroborated charges.

More allegations…

Ignore that last paragraph. It seems the flood gates of scandal are now opening on Spacey’s past faster than a dog can lick it’s own backside.

Former US news anchor Heather Unruh has accused Spacey of assaulting a ‘loved one’.  Ms Unruh has refused to name her relative but says she wants Spacey investigated.

‘My intent is to encourage a badly needed investigation and conversation and I’ve used the hashtag #It’sNotOk to do it’

It has also just been revealed that a friend of a man who worked with Kevin Spacey at London’s Old Vic theatre is also claiming that he was ‘groped’ by the actor.

Another source (at the theatre) has just claimed that Kevin Spacey was well known for putting his hands in places where they weren’t particularly welcome. Apparently he had earned himself a reputation as ‘one to avoid.’

Y’know, now might be a good time to throw a few bucks at Netflix – get that documentary made.

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