Lady Mone Votes Yes For Cuts.

Lady Mone,Michelle Mone,

Michelle Georgina Mone, Baroness Mone or Lady Mone is a British entrepreneur and parliamentarian. Lady Mone is also the founder of the lingerie company Ultimo and the owner of the fake-tan brand UTan.

I’m reluctantly forced to admit that in Britain today becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t about the realisation of one’s childish dreams. No sir, not anymore. It’s about politics. Therefore to have the Prime Minister gift you a seat in the House of Lords has to be the pinnacle of any entrepreneur’s career.

Last week the multi-millionaire Lady Mone sat her unelected backside down in the upper chamber. Then, in her first ever ‘yea or nay’ she voted YES PLEASE to some of the most brutal cuts in our nations history.

That’s right, George Osbourne’s proposed cuts to the tax credit system.

Lady Mone-Michelle-House-of-Lords

Today the Daily Mail have reported that Lady Mone’s much revered ass has been enjoying itself in one of the world’s most expensive and prestigious resorts in the world. Sandy Lane in Barbados. Yes, Lady Mone has been photographed strolling along a deserted beach with her boyfriend Stefan. You can see pictures here.

A stark contrast to a week ago when the unelected lady happily voted to send millions into abject poverty.

Talking of poverty. Over the years many have said that Lady Mone grew up in poverty, in Glasgow, before finding work as a model. After founding Ultimo she came out of poverty and forgot all about it. The website have since estimated Lady Mone’s net worth at £60m.

So, before you get your first STD or crappy job or unwanted pregnancy or lousy marriage or Alzheimer’s, get your lazy bones out there and make an indecent amount of money. Then, just like Lady Mone, you can take your well earned seat in the House of Lords.

Yes, the House of Lords. This is where all your dreams will come true. A hallowed place where everybody chooses bicyles over cars, the homeless are no longer mentally ill, alcoholics are all misunderstood poets and the boss of a giant underwear company and a lowly job seeker both make the living wage after tax.

The perfect world.

That’s right isn’t it Lady Mone?

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