Royal Engagement – Sexy Meghan Markle Sparkles!

British royal watchers are all of a flutter today because Prince Harry has finally announced his engagement to American actress, Meghan Markle. According to the press they will marry early next year.

Now that Prince Harry has confirmed that Meghan Markle, a divorced lady, will be joining the royal family everybody in England is scrambling to find examples of a royal marrying a divorcee. And guess what? There isn’t one. The closest an American divorcee got to the royal throne was American socialite Wallis Simpson whom Edward abdicated to marry.

So, is marrying an American divorcee still considered a royal scandal? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Who cares.

Lets face it Meghan Markle has all the right credentials to become royal. After all her track record of ‘good deeding’ is impeccable. In between her workouts and occasional casting calls she already works for a number of global charities. Yes, her good deeds are most sincere.

However, as far as her future role as a royal ambassador is concerned it’s not exactly super exciting. On the upside she might get to address equality, body shaming and recycling issues. On the downside she’ll have to start kissing newsworthy babies always hoping that nobody in the crowd asks her why she doesn’t get a proper job.

Oh I know, it’s easy to mock our royal family. That is until we’re forced to accept that the rags of scandal have now replaced them with reality stars like Gemma Collins and Sam Faiers. And yes, their dubious veneer of class is best discussed in the privacy of pole-dancing club.

Anyway, imagine the stories Meghan will tell her children someday – how their mum rose from the shadows of Hollywood to become the sparkling flower of Britain’s aristocracy. One day her story will rank first on Wikipedia’s list of great things a girl can achieve. 

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