Millie Mackintosh Naked… Sort Of.

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Reserving your place in a tabloid’s column of shame is no easy task. Millie Mackintosh knows this. She also knows that getting sort of naked for Instagram goes a long way to securing your place.

Getting naked is Millie’s new thing. Well, getting sort of naked. Just like she’s sort of able to count to ten. It’s a no brainer for the girl who’s wanted to be a star her whole life. Well, at least since a grown up first told her that it was Made In Chelsea or a Marks and Spencer checkout.

Professor Green posted the above picture to Millie’s Instagram last night. Here’s what she had to say about it:

That awkward moment when your husband catches you doing a spot of hair removal and decides to take a photo on your phone and post it 😬

Because it was a Millie Mackintosh naked picture ALL the tabloids found some words to throw around it before placing it in their hallowed columns of shame. Milly Mission accomplished.

I don’t know why she bothers. After all she could easily make tons of cash selling cheap Chinese labor camp accessories to her reality show fans. Ask any Kardashian.

Anyways, whilst mothers of impressionable young girls may have accepted that their daughters will ‘probably never become scientists’ everything has it’s limits. Like Millie Mackintosh getting naked.

Really it’s true, parents in this country know only too well that ‘lady parts’ are for Satan’s eyes only. Don’t ye cast your gaze upon them.

Here’s some pictures of Millie Mackintosh being sort of naked. They’re probably safe for work, but after looking at them you’re then cursed with eternal damnation don’t blame me.

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