Not Even Natasha Giggs Could Do This.

Emma Schofield,Lewis Walker,Darren Walker,bride,father-in-law,sex,sleeping,fiancee,admitted,wedding,WTF,michael D. Wheeler,newsmediaimages,In another diversion from our usual proceedings of celeb-bashing I thought you might like a slap round the face with an OMG. Lewis Walker had been dating Emma Schofield for 18 months. They were planning to get married later this year.

However, 5 months ago Lewis discovered a secret that it is definitely all sorts of pain messed up. You might want to clear your throat and wash your eyes out before and after because this takes family nightmares to a whole new level.

Emma, a sales girl at Morrisons felt she couldn’t continue with her wedding plans so she decided to come clean and explain to her fiancé that she had been having an affair with Darren – his DAD.

My fingers are practically numb with shock so I’ll let Emma Schofield knock the rest of the breath out of you by explaining her news.

“I felt such a fraud knowing while I was on the arm of my fiancé it was his old man I had fallen for.

“I admitted the truth to Lewis five months ago.

“Even now I lie in bed and cry because it’s horrible what I did to him. But I found it impossible to control my feelings for his dad.

The Fiancé, Lewis Walker:

“It’s a nasty thing to do. I feel quite embarrassed about it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be friends with my dad again, well, definitely not while he’s with her.

“I’ve just got to get over it — and I am.”

The Dad, Darren Walker:

“It’s a shame what’s happened and I didn’t want to hurt Lewis, but I’ve found Emma. Lewis will find someone else, he’s a good-looking lad. I hope one day we can be on good terms again.”

(Via The Sun )

I feel that it’s best if I write no more on this taboo subject because generally people like me are not sufficiently broad minded to speak on such topics. On to the next one is my motto, so cheers Emma cheers Darren you smashed my face in this morning with a brick of WTF.
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