Nicole Scherzinger Is The Mona Lisa!

Nicole Scherzinger,mona lisa, music video,williamNicole Scherzinger is the one celebrity I know who hasn’t been caught in a tax avoidance scam or a drug conspiracy. Not in the past year at least. That makes her my Celebrity of the Month.

Nicole Scherzinger also has a nice bikini body which makes her way better to look at than any of those pimply faced reality stars who volunteer for duty at picture desks up and down Fleet Street.

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We could talk about how Nicole is a fascinating person, or we could stare wantonly at her cleavage and think about how babies are made. Please tell me which is the more appropriate use of your time. Err no, don’t.

Anyways…… to the point.

Nicole has been posing in’s latest music video. I’d love to tell you that she’s been featured wearing outfits which look like they were purchased from the catalogue, but no she hasn’t. Instead Nicole has had her face superimposed on an array of famous renaissance paintings.

The video was shot in an art gallery and if you watch carefully you’ll spot Nicole appearing on the wall as both Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring.

As the video plays Nicole can be heard humming, trilling and nodding her head. And blinking. Yes, blinking. Nicole sure worked for her supper on this one.

The rest is self explanatory.

In related news, the rest of Nicole’s former Pussycat Dolls members were trying to collect enough money to purchase a magazine.

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