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Doctor Fox Charged With Sex Offences.

Doctor Fox,Neil, DJ,Sex Offences,Charged,Police,underage girls,News Media Images,

Last year DJ Doctor Fox was arrested by police on suspicion of committing various sex offences, which are horrible and heinous things to commit.

Today we hear that both the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have now decided to charge Doctor Fox with a string of heinous and horrible things. Namely sex offences.

The police said earlier today that the 53-year-old broadcaster is alleged to have carried out the attacks between 1991 and 2014.

The attacks are alleged to have been committed against six alleged victims, including three underage girls.


One charge of indecent assault against a girl under the age 14. Two charges of indecent assault against a girl under the age of 16. Four charges of indecent assault against a girl over the age of 16. Plus two further charges of sexual assault.

On April 16th Doctor Fox will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to answer his bail. It will be then that these sordid charges will be put to him.

Doctor Fox. How do you plead, Guilty or Not Guilty? [click to continue…]

James Cordon Hosts The Late Late Show.

James Cordon-Late Late Show-Hosts-News media Images

James Cordon Hosts The Late Late Show:

When Craig Ferguson became host of The Late Late Show back in 2005 he knew that his contract would be up at the end of this month. CBS begged him to stay but he didn’t want to. So the search was on for a replacement.

Once America heard news of Craig’s impending departure the ‘replacement’ rumours began. Everyone from John Travolta’s wig to Chelsea Handler’s vodka bottle were being tipped for the job.

Even Jay Leno was rumoured to have shuffled over to CBS and handed in his Curriculum Vitae.

CBS really should have spared America all those ridiculous rumours and given the job to a robot instead.

Well, sound the claxons and unleash the fury of Athena because that’s exactly what happened. Our very own James Corden applied for the job and against all odds he got it. [click to continue…]

Cheryl Fernadez-Versini Slams Scantily-Clad.

Cheryl Fernandez-versini-News Media Images

Despite the fact she’s still a bit jailbait looking, I think Cheryl Fernadez-Versini is the perfect pop tartlet. She’s got the whole girl band thing working perfectly, she’s petite, she’s got a little schoolgirl wiggle and she manages to make the most of her body.

Ordinarily this is the point where I’d throw up a Girls Aloud video, press publish and let 5 hyper-sexualized young ladies do the talking for me. However, Cheryl says that would be all wrong .

Cheryl has been talking to the Telegraph’s Stella Magazine and she’s been telling them that the current crop of scantily-clad singers are distasteful, unnecessary and they border on pedophilia.

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Paul Gascoigne Melts Twitter.

Paul Gascoigne-Twitter-Rant-News-Media-Images

Paul Gascoigne has had yet another meltdown: What a bizarre world we are living in when a fourteen hour Twitter rant has to fight for publicity with a singing bricklayer known as ‘The Queen of Hearts’.

I know, having a drunken rant on Twitter isn’t exactly news, but when a melodramatic pissy mess like Paul Gascoigne twats-up more 50 hilariously bitchy tweets about his ex girlfriend well.. that IS the news.

The social media ‘happening of the week’ was reported by the MailOline (who else) today and they’ve told the story of how a series of deranged pickled brain thoughts can come to life in 140 characters.

In a nutshell here’s what happened:

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What? Kelly Brook Sends Nasty Messages?

Kelly Brook,Messages,Nasty,David McIntosh,news Media Images

Body builder David McIntosh has moved on from Kelly Brook and now has a new girlfriend – Australian jewellery designer Juliet Bakos.

That sounds wonderful news. However the Sun are reporting that in a recent message to her chemically adjusted former boyfriend Kelly has described poor Juliet as follows;

“Your new girlfriend has a big nose, no lips and she’s actually fat. Never mind as long as she can buy you shit and you can have a place to stay, all can be overlooked.”

WOW and triple WOW! So bitchy, so mean. If that isn’t a self-serving way to grandstand your inflated sense of superiority then nothing is.

But y’know, being bitchy doesn’t give you instant wisdom points, but it can give you instant Karma. This might come back and bite Kelly Brook right in the ass.

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Katie Price: Fake Bake.

Fake Bake-Katie-Price-Instagram-News Media-Images

Here’s a sun tan tip from Katie Price:

Later today a nasty mean Solar Eclipse will try to freeze the blood in your face. It’ll turn you pale and insipid. But turning translucent or transparent doesn’t worry me because I know I’ve got this – a pop-up Fake Bake tanning booth. See below.

Yes, if the Solar Eclipse won’t allow the sun to baste your face, don’t smush-smush it in George Hamilton amounts of self-tanner, lazy layers of bronze, fuzzy fool foundation or bloody blush bake.

No girls, when it’s physically impossible for the sun to penetrate my skin I use a pop-up Fake Bake tanning booth. It’s the best way I know to beat a Solar Eclipse. You can see the results above.

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