Pink Risks Everything – Jumps Off 34 Story Building!

PinkPink, 38, went ALL out for her appearance at last Sunday’s American Music Awards. In the run-up to the show the pop star was seen practicing her dance moves while hanging off a 34 floor hotel in Los Angeles.

While Pink is known for her theatrical acrobatics, doing flips and grinds while hanging 400 feet above the ground took her normal routine one step closer to death by mis-adventure.

However, is an AMA performance really worth dying for? I’m not sure it is but when you’re engaged in a battle for media attention, then break dancing on the side of a sky scrapper is certainly different. And yes, it puts a skilfully calculated up-skirt to shame.

But what does that kind of risk taking mean to a musician like Pink? Does it mean she’s a strong independent entertainer blessed with magical powers? Or does it mean she’s just a middle-aged mother desperately trying to save her audience from boredom?

Of course it could mean that losing her life while making a music video would make a great headline. Imagine just how many headlines she’d have recieved had Pink splatted into a million pieces after a cable malfunction.

Well, the cables didn’t break which is probably why hardly anyone this side of the Atlantic has covered the story. Seriously, a nip-slip would have been enough for an appearance in the Daily Fail’s  column of shame

Times have changed.

After this desperate and fool-hardy stunt it’s now time for Pink to bow out gracefully and go be a mum in the suburbs. That way she can get on social media and let everybody see those bingo-wing arms. Then, she can sit back and await the trolls at their body shaming worst. It won’t take them long especially if she posts some decent up-jowl selfies. Give the sad emoji cycle twenty-four hours before Pink can then make her world comeback by saying she doesn’t care what the haters think.

That way she’ll get hyper-kudos from commenters, mummy bloggers and overweight people everywhere. They’ll pen endless stories about how brave,  bold and smart she is for sticking it to the shamers.

I know, it’s a fine line between wanting to be a strong, ruffian woman failing in the music business and simply wanting a little attention. I’m calling Pink on this side of the line.

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