Prince Harry Introduces Meghan To The Queen.

Prince harry, Meghan Markle-queen-engaementBack in 2014 Royal watchers thought that after a string of flings Prince Harry had finally found his true love. Indeed, every royal column in every British newspaper was reporting how the 29-year old prince was dating Cressida Bonas, an actress, dancer and model.

However just a few months later sad news was announced. Royal columnists were reporting that despite a thousand impending marriage forecasts, Prince Harry and Cressida had split.

On hearing the news many Royal watchers believed there was no way the Prince’s broken heart could ever be mended. Poor Harry was lost and would probably never feel a woman’s gentle touch ever again.

But no, all the royal watchers were wrong.

Following his split from Cressida Prince Harry put his head down and went about his Royal duties with renewed vigour. Yes, Harry was done with pesky vixens acting like ladies just for a chance to join his beloved monarchy.

So Harry grew a beard and went safariing in Africa. Once there he hugged an elephant. He also visited President Obama in America who asked him about ‘ginger’ people. Was there anything he needed to fear?

Harry also created the Invictus Games and co-founded the ‘Minds Together’ program with his brother William.

Yes, Prince Harry was definitely on a mission to be remembered for all the good things he’s done for this world.

When Harry Met Markle.

It’s not clear when in 2016 Prince Harry first met Meghan Markle – another actress, dancer and model.

Many say that the pair were introduced by her friend the Soho House consultant Marcus Anderson.

What follows is an editorial decision to focus on Miss Markle’s role as wife to a prince rather than a Hollywood starlet on a mission.

Meghan Markle has all the right credentials

It’s no surprise that the Royal propaganda machine has been hard at work on a ‘Like Meghan Markle’ campaign.

Yes indeed. For the past few months the royal PR machine has ensured that the mainstream press have all been typing off the same hymn sheet. After all Fleet Street requires Royal access.

Dutiful article has followed dutiful article all detailing the good things that Meghan has done in this world. The public has the right to know that in between her workouts and occasional casting calls Meghan works for a number of global charities and…. erm, hmm, err, finks …. that’s it I’m afraid.

Anyway, the latest news is that last Thursday a Ford Galaxy with blacked out windows was waved through the gates of Buckingham Palace. It stopped at the Queen’s private entrance. It is believed that Prince Harry was officially introducing his American actress girlfriend to his grandmother.

Inevitably tongues are now wagging at the prospect of a royal engagement.

However, in some circles the fact that a member of the Royal family might marry an American divorcee is still considered quite a scandal. After all a Windsor taking up with a divorced lady isn’t without precedent.

Oh I don’t know…it’s easy to cast critical dispersions at the royal family. That is until we’re forced to admit that we’ve all helped put families like the Kardashians on the same throne of scandal.

Mostly the royals do good deeds and raise money for proper causes. They try to hide their imperfections. They’re not bad people. Adding a divorcee to the royal mix might be a good thing.

Were I the queen, I’d order some extra-marital royal dating pronto.

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