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Prince Harry And The Jams.

Prince Harry,Meghan Merkle,Jams,

Today the Daily Mail recieved kind permission from the Sun newspaper to publish their dramatic WORLD EXCLUSIVE pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The pair had been ‘camera phoned’ on Tuesday night while strolling through London’s West End. They had just left the Gielgud Theatre after seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

It goes without saying that being born Prince Harry was as sweet a roll of the dice that any child could get. He’s been given chauffeurs, body guards, mountains of money and girls galore. Yes, just for being born Prince Harry.

Ginger bearded Prince Harry may not have a Twitter account but for ‘Britain’s Just About Managing’s’ (JAMS) social media is the only way they can improve their evenings. However, reading endless tweets about the never ending saga of Prince Harry’s love life is a bitter pill for many to swallow right now.

It’s as much a confusion as it is a dilemma. While the vast majority of our nation struggle to pay their bills they remain obsessed with the Royal family. The media serve only to fuel this quandary by serving their readership with dollops of fluffiness showing ‘the elites’ constantly lauding it over the rest of us.

Yes, our proud tabloid media – illuminated by the prosperous, dazzled with the affluent and glittering with the most royal of British families.

It seems to me that when one strips away the media’s infatuation with these ‘Haute Mondes’ they are reduced to a few dozen semi-literate individuals who’s only purpose in life is to cut ribbons at supermarkets.

Lets face it the royal family are basically living on state benefits. Think about it. They live completely off of the British people’s tax dollars and don’t have proper jobs. And no the DWP do not believe that cutting ribbons is a proper job. 

So why do the Royal family matter? Well, they matter to the British economy is why. Every year tourists spend millions of pounds coming to England in order to stare at all things Royal. By dispensing with our Royal family those tourism pounds would completely disappear and Prince Harry would have to find a job.

Yes, what a good idea. Getting a proper job would be good for Prince Harry because a job makes a man virile and proud. As opposed to prematurely bald and constipated. Prince William!

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