Prince Harry And Miss Markle.

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The Sun have just published dramatic pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the Gielgud Theatre. The blurry photographs were supplied by a member of the citizen paparazzi.

Royals watchers across the world will be beside themselves as this was the first time the pair had been photographed together in public.

However the Royal Family will be furious by this invasion of Royal privacy and will probably instruct the Court of St James to file a lawsuit,

“Legal proceedings are underway after a breach of privacy occurred in London.”

I guess the legal enforcement of royal privacy is inevitable. Lets face it those infamous pictures of Prince Harry naked while partying in Las Vegas, quickly followed by a topless Kate Middleton in France drew a red line in Royal sand. 

However it goes without saying that being born Prince Harry was as sweet a roll of the dice as any child could get. All his life he’s been given chauffeurs, body guards, mountains of money and yes, girls galore.

Just for being born Prince Harry.

On the other hand some of those pesky commoners on social media might say that Prince Harry is actually living on state benefits. Is that a fair point or just snarky jealousy?

Lets consider their case. Our glorious ginger prince doesn’t have a proper job so the state pays his rent and the British tax-payer coughs up his living expenses.

So why doesn’t Prince Harry go out and find a proper job? (Er no, the DWP says that cutting ribbons is not a proper job). It might prove a good move for Prince Harry, after all getting a proper job makes a man virile and proud. (As opposed to being prematurely bald and constipated.)

Would a Royal working work? Unfortunately for those haters out there no, it wouldn’t. The Royal family do work, albeit royally and that really matters to the British economy.


Because every year thousands of foreign tourists spend millions of pounds coming to England and staring at all things royal. By putting our Royals into proper jobs would only result in those tourism pounds disappearing from the economy.

Then where would we be?

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