People Want Prince William For King.

Prince William Prince Charles nmi newsmediaimagesACCORDING to the Sun newspaper, who once reported a story correctly in 1998, most of the British people want to see Prince William become their next King. Not his father Charles.

A poll conducted for The Sun showed that 51 per cent of the people want Prince William to be their next King with only 22% backing Charles – most of his support came from the over-75s.

Ken Wharfe, Diana’s royal protection officer, said she had always believed her son William would become King before Charles.

Of the poll Ken said:

“I cannot disagree with these statistics. No other monarch has ever reigned   as long as The Queen – the thought of getting an ageing grey-haired King Charles is perhaps not the best option.”

Whilst Prince William is clearly the peoples choice it’s hard not to feel slightly sorry for him. I mean spending his formative years wondering if he’d inherit those big ears from his father. What must that have felt like? Then he goes prematurely bald at twenty-two – thanks Dad.

Then there was the etiquette school. Who wants that at the age of five?

Really, I honestly feel quite sorry for Prince William. After all he can’t be happy. He may have a ton of money in the bank but he can’t spend it.


As for his pastimes and recreational pursuits Prince William has been forced to play polo most of his adult life which can’t have been much fun.

He used to love flying his air rescue helicopter but they’ve taken that away from him now.

Married Life

Now that he’s married there’s the constant worry that North Korea might kidnap his wife and hold her to ransom. I think it would be pretty awful if countries started doing that kind of thing again.

There’s worse things of course. How about having to tell your wife to stop wearing summer dresses with high hemlines while getting in and out of helicopters? That can’t be easy.

And worse still, what about all the pain he went through when he guillotined that French magazine for publishing boobtastic pictures of his wife’s bare chest? Awful, simply awful.

Poor chap, I think he’d be so much happier selling men’s suits at Debenhams.

Yes, if you’re forced to pity a billionaire, then Prince William is the one to choose.

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