White Widow – Sally Jones Silenced.

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It has been reported today that ISIS recruitment boss Sally Jones has been killed. Jones was killed by a Predator missile as she tried to flee the terror group’s stronghold in Al-Raqqah.

It’s no surprise that Sally Jones rose high on the Pentagon’s ‘kill list’ and  became Britain’s most-wanted woman.

Here’s why.

Sally Jones was a muslim convert who swapped Britain for ISIS back in 2013, alongside her toy-boy lover and jihadi hacker Junaid Hussain.

In 2015 Hussain was killed in a US drone strike and from that day forth the former beautician from Kent became known as ‘The White Widow.’

As the White Widow Jones began a recruitment drive for ISIS’s secret Anwar al-Awlaki battalion. The female wing. She was responsible for the training of terror recruits and match-making them to their future jihadist husbands.

It remains unclear how many of these deluded and fallacious young women the White Widow seduced into joining ISIS. Telling young girls that they’re wanted, needed and desired will allure many.

What the White Widow didn’t tell her recruits was that employment by ISIS didn’t include a pension plan, holiday entitlement nor an engagement ring.

Now, as the caliphate crumbles, the survivors emerge. They tell horrifying tales of how the ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ were deceived.

Many of their stories reveal how the seekers of paradise arrived in Syria only to have their terrified little faces covered in black burqa bonnets rather than the matrimonial makeup they’d been expecting.

Many found themselves in bombed out kitchens chained to radiators while evil ‘chandlers of copulation’ sold them to the highest bidder.

Winning The War On Terror?

I guess you’re never going to defeat the terrorists with kisses. Despite all our laws and armies we have failed to stop susceptible teens from hooking up with the bad guys.

What the chipper revolutionaries of ISIS can’t fathom is that the war against terrorism will be won with words, satire and mocking. Not bombs.

Whilst you may think that this article alludes to being edgy it’s true purpose is to send a message.

Yes, a few skilfully chosen words are worth a thousand disenfranchised nomads.

Here’s A Message To Terrorists Everywhere…


We are the World. Can’t you see that terrorists. You’ve lost. We have over a hundred countries from which our word slingers are writing for fame and fortune.

You can’t fight that kind of primordial power with a few rusty machetes and robes that could use a good washing.

We win. Words win. The World wins.

Take some time to think about that the next time you’re raping young girls in the name of religion.

Editors Note:

We don’t often publish terrorist related content here on NMi. Sometimes one has no choice but to speak out. It will never be a terrorist bomb that defeats us, it will be our modern day infatuation with not hurting people’s feelings.

That’s not me being flippant, that’s how it’s going down.

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