Simon Cowell – Gender Pay Pioneer.

simon Cowell,newsmediaimages, equal pay,BBC,X FactorSimon Cowell has achieved so much in life, signing a whole bunch of pop acts no-ones ever heard of, berating emotionally disturbed singers on national TV and having a baby with his best friends wife. But this all pales into insignificance compared to his latest achievement. That’s right, Simon Cowell has just become a gender pay ‘pioneer’.

Following the recent BBC salaries scandal which revealed an embarrassing  pay gap between men and women, Simon Cowell has revealed that he pays Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne more than he does Louis Walsh.

And this makes him a ‘gender pay pioneer.’

The music mogul said that despite being hugely embarrassing for the broadcaster the unequal pay scandal had been a good thing for everyone who had discovered they were being underpaid.

Of his own pay policy at the X Factor Simon said;

“Over the years I would say we’ve probably paid the girls more money than the guys. If they get the money, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a boy or a girl.

For once this is good news. Victory…, I just don’t tell Louis. Besides he’s got enough money for a bum implant so he shouldn’t be complaining.”

Yeah, I’m a pioneer I guess.”

If you’re going to be proud of anything Simon, then be proud of that.

Anyway moving on…. The BBC pay gender scandal.

Who are the players here? Of the 96 highest earners at the BBC, 62 are male and 34 female. The average man earns £295,000 while the average woman earns £210,000.

This is unconventional madness. We are no longer living in a feminist bubble where everything is rainbows and struggle-free sunshine. No sir, lets face it the lady told the BBC that she was worth more. She explained why she was worth more. So they paid her less.

This is as unfair as it is immoral. Firstly, that someone believed she could live off £2100,000 a year and secondly the courage she showed in the face of male privilege. Cheek of it!

I don’t begrudge anybody working their butt off and getting paid more than the GDP of the world’s poorest nation. Not by a little but by a lot. However, I’m sure the BBC now have a name for these poor ladies. It probably rhymes with program glitches.

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