Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Has Died.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, died, rest-in-peace,Prince Charle’s goddaughter and the most splendid of British socialites,Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was found dead at her home in south west London earlier today. She had been battling with a brain tumour. Sadness personified  – the brain tumour won.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was just 45 years young.

Officially obituaries only come out after ten million unofficial versions are published first on social media. However in the print media celebrity RIPs are still a work in progress because there exists a protocol from which few dare to deviate.

The protocol goes something like this.

After mentioning the loss of a wonderful talent it’s normally followed by an obligatory tribute statement from friends and family. Because there’s never been a desire to mention how said celebrity suffered harsh criticism from those writing the obituary the mistakes that said celeb made in their life are quite rightly forgotten.

During her colourful life Tara frequently made the pages of newspapers and celebrity magazines. In 2002 she appeared on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! She also appeared on a celebrity special of Blind Date and A Place in the Sun.

She also contributed to several publications, writing for the Sunday Times, the Spectator and Tatler. In 2010 she released her first novel, The Inheritance.

She spoke candidly about her well-documented battle with drugs. She told a newspaper in 2016: “I haven’t done drugs for 10 years” and said she was now “a bit obsessed with healthy eating”.

Tara was also an accomplished pianist and spent many a party making her drunken friends dance barefoot to the sound of Beethoven.

Tara was one of my favorite “red carpeteers” who always brought fun, glamour and sparkle. However in recent years Tara struggled with depression and anxiety. These she said had turned her from “a party girl into a recluse”.

I understand that, really I do.

Rest in Peace, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Thank you for everything, especially this piece of musical perfection.


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