The Demons

There was nothing like this that I feared so much in my entire life. The stench of the place and overall gloominess depressed me to the core.

Deeply growling monstrosity was ready to charge to me at any given moment!

Everything felt as such a rush that clear thinking was the last thing I had on my mind.

It felt as if I have faced my inner demon…the one I was running away from for far too long. My anger and fear…my past and the atrocities I have committed. As I realised that – my anger and fear blushed into shame, guilt and pain.

I just stood there and looked down at the bloody mud in which I sank. All my faults stood before me as a monster that grew throughout the time into something I just could not fight. I just wished it would be all over, but I knew that was not the right way. If only I could’ve changed the things I’ve done if only I wasn’t such a fool to let such cruelty to manifest.

Suddenly I heard a bell. It was ringing so vibrantly and clear through all the space. The bell of my conscious. *DING*
And a voice came: ”Forgive yourself, it is not your fault”.

Everything felt so heavy and full of sorrow as the memories have chocked me. Salty pearls rolled down my frowned face as I looked at myself within and demon began to transform and glow with gold like colour.

I wish that there was more time for me to understand everything clearly and put it into words.

“Eons upon aeons befall
I came with the shadow of time
Nothingness released me out to exist in the unknown.

You surrounded yourself with imitations and became deceived by your own wit.
The illusion that all you do is right because it is for the good and your current way is the only way – was condemned from the beginning.
Nevertheless, you are still humans and many things are forgiven towards your unwise minds,
But the arrogance and ignorance that you possess voluntarily are unjustifiable!
May it last till it can, but as time goes by and your days turn darker – the lesson will be atrocious…
Continue your fantasy since your eye is blind and you see not beyond the tangible.
Continue till it scintillates out and verity will shatter everything you once so hard believed.”

So here we are three years later.

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