The News In Two Or Three Words.

Between supermodels pawing at my privates and pirates trying to steal my treasure, I’ve been pretty busy. Today is turning out another slow-ass news day and since there’s was no way to stretch it into a real post I guess this is as good a time as any to post the news in Two or Three words.

You know, sometimes I see celebrities in all their ridiculous makeup and elaborate costumes and over the top showing off and I have to remind myself that behind all the dramatic showmanship is just a simple beautiful person. Then I see them without all their ridiculous makeup and I realise I was wrong.

Nigella Lawson rumours: Charlie’s Angel?Nigella-Lawson-coke-a-cola

Peter Stringfellow and his wife pregnant wife Bella: Procreation sans recreation.Peter-Stringfellow

Brad And Angelina Going For 8 Children: Octopussy Two.Brad-Angelina_eight_kids

This has got nothing to do with anything but because you deserve to see the best thing ever go here.

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