Theresa May – A Devious Act Of War!

Theresa May, Politics, UK, Election, Conservative, Prime Minister, The British have always been generous towards their ‘pantsuit nation’ but will they ever accept Theresa May as a symbol of female empowerment? Maybe, but for me any woman wearing a village idiot grin and a meh-coloured dress is no friend of mine.

If Theresa May is elected as Prime Minister it’ll be hard to tell where the politics end and the sinister begins. Take Theresa’s tactical non-attendance at last night’s Leadership Debate. Some people (who have no understanding of modern politics) have called it an intolerable act of disrespect to the nation. I call it cowardice in the face of the enemy.

Oh dear, the fact that I’ve just said that now means my security clearance will be marked with a red sexist pen. Oops… now I’ll be be known as the individual who hates women. I’ll never work in this town again. Me, a Donald Trump plus ten percent. As much a cliche as it is a nightmare.

Reputations Matter

The entire purpose of being prime minister is to build an infallable reputation while sitting on their asse all day. Then when their political career slows down, they come out with the ugly truth.They plead for sympathy from the common man. Look, my horrific haemorrhoids….I’m one of you!

This makes sense, after all haemorrhoids are the last sanctuary of the unemployed.

Assuming she’s elected Theresa May might enact a law to protect the reputations of politicians. Then we won’t be able to read shit about them in the papers. Or mention their sordid affairs. Or take photos of them while they’re cavorting at a Premiere Inn.

Voice of the People

There was a time when the voice of the people mattered to politicians. That voice has now evolved into an e-petition – the new way to have our concerns heard by Parliament. Rather than volunteer at a local food bank start a petition condemning Theresa May and her views on non-gender specific toilets.

One can’t eliminate politicians like Theresa May from this world. They’re an unfathomable ruination of modern society. They will always be here, endlessly seeking high-minded rationale to cloak their personal inadequacies.

Make no mistake about it folks this General Election isn’t a political process, it’s an act of war – against you, the people.

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