Donald Trump – Trumpasaurus

Donald Trump,Paris Accord,President,NMi,Last week President Donald Trump had his pussy-grabbing hand swatted away by the First Lady. This week the semi-rational Twitter bird has used his Tic-Tac breath to create one of the biggest shit storms in modern history.

Yes, President Donald Trump has announced that his administration will pull out of the Paris agreement on climate change. This will make the United States of America one of just three countries not part of the landmark international accord.

Scientists have warned that by withdrawing from the Paris agreement America would create a “severe and long-lasting threat to our planet’s climate.”

President Trump’s decision could send another 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. Year on year that could be enough to melt the ice caps, raise sea levels and trigger even more extreme weather.”

Well if this isn’t another brilliant move by the White House’s ginger bobblehead. It seems to me that each morning he straps on his finest wig and then spends the day talking fluent gibberish and insulting everyone.

At the same time his wife wakes up each morning desperately seeking a way to get herself deported so she won’t have to be First Lady anymore. Well, slow down there melty-face you’re in the middle of the biggest shit storm in modern history. The American people need you.

Everyone must now do their part to stop this monster Donald Trump. Minus all the people who don’t give a shit and voted him into office. Obviously.

There aren’t many people left with less credibility than Donald Trump. In fact C-list porn stars might be the only ones. So yes, we must all get super angry now. His ex-girlfriends need to stop yelling about his semi-rational behaviour and start treating him like a faked orgasm.

Every country has a Donald Trump, unfortunately America has the Trumpiest.

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