Victoria Beckham – Fashion Flops.

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As George Osbourne continues to improve lives one rich person at a time the Daily Mail have at last reported something about Victoria Beckham which might have a fighting chance of being both poignant and interesting.

No, it’s not Victoria Beckham’s favourite toothpaste, umbrella, or ketchup. No, instead the Daily Mail have reported that despite the finest clothes, the finest shops and V.I.P. treatment to die for her fashion empire is failing faster that a dog can lick it’s own unmentionables.

Really, it’s true. When the 2014 accounts for Victoria Beckham Limited were lodged at Companies House recently they showed that the company had technically made a small profit. You’d think that would make Victoria Beckham grin from ear to ear. But no, unfortunately the truth is that her fashion business would have lost nearly £4 million had it not been for the money flowing into it’s coffers from her generous husband, David Beckham.

Naturally all this accounting jiggery pokery has caused the hallowed tabloid to wonder:

“Can Victoria really claim to be a successful entrepreneur in her own right, or is her fashion venture merely a vanity project for a wealthy woman blessed with an indulgent spouse?”

(via: Daily Mail)

HAHAHA whatever Daily Mail.

People are always mocking Victoria’s apparent self-misery because she’s rich and successful but this might explain why she has been looking like a released hostage lately. Yes, the perfect life ruined by the stroke of an accountants pen.

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