Victoria Beckham – Insta-Look!

Victoria Beckham,newsmediaimages,Mike Wheeler,News, Media, Images,It seems like forever since I last published something on our old favourite, Victoria Beckham. I’ll have to tread carefully here as this is one woman who understands media law even better than Donald Trump does.

Lets begin. Looking like a released hostage Victoria Beckham posted a picture of herself on Instagram today. She captioned her picture with, ‘I mean, who doesn’t get out of the shower in the London look?! #VBxEsteeLauderx VB.’

What she meant by ‘London look’ remains a vastly confusing question when you consider that all-you-don’t-eat thing she has going on. A woman who likes to show off on social media quickly runs out of good ideas.

Seriously, there’s no compelling reason for her to post this photo of herself on Instagram. Science may continue to improve lives, one rich woman at a time, but posting pictures of yourself getting out of the shower seems a superfluous waste of energy to me.

Lets get back to my assertion that Victoria Beckham is an old favourite. I honestly have no idea where I got the idea that she’s old. Lets face it she has barely aged since her finger-pointing days. Frankly, I was shocked to hear that she’d had her 43rd birthday this year. I just assumed she’d had her passport replaced with a price tag that reads ‘expensive baggage, handle with care.’

The concept is good, the rationale behind it slightly cynical.

Sorry Victoria….

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