Vincent van Gogh Is Alive!

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There’s been an uncomfortable incident involving a drunken job application… the result being that I now have to prove that I’m the perfect piece of trash for the job. In order to test my skills with words, spelling, pronunciation and the ability to write on any given subject I’ve been challenged to write something interesting, amusing and informative about a Vincent van Gogh which has been reproduced in a field in Minnesota America.

Begins – in reverse order.


To celebrate their centennial, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) has commissioned Kansas-based artist Stan Herd to re-create Vincent van Gogh’s “Olive Trees” in a field belonging to the press agency Reuters.

Stan, who has created a number of these type of works in the past, including one of Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, unveiled the 1.5-acre work of crop art last week. He began his work last spring.

Prior to the planting, Stan had to decide which specific plants and soils to use. Here’s what he had to say about how he used these plants and soils to best represent van Gogh’s colour palette and brushstrokes.

The amazing thing about van Gogh’s painting was that there’s wasn’t a single straight line in the whole canvas. So I planted verdant, green plants. Everything organic and everything curved. And flowing. It had to flow, like a pulse.”

Stan Herd’s artwork will stay on view until the end of the autumn.

For those of you that care Stan’s artwork is located near the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. Apparently Mia chose that particular site so that people in planes can see it as they fly into the city.


Someone needs to explain to me how this particular project fits Stan Herd’s goal to be recognised as a creator of cool stuff. By cool stuff I don’t mean a Vincent van Gogh that requires a regular dolloping in horse manure either.

No, cool stuff would be placing this entire field in one of those hyperbolic time chambers which is then programmed to reopen again in 200 years.

In that way when zero intelligence has ironically turned out to be the only force capable of thwarting artificial intelligence, mindless robotic giggles will burst forth to neutralise the entire android revolution.

Yes. Human life will then return to rule over the Earth.  So all hail to Stan Herd, your place in history is assured. Now go paint some racing stripes on the breasts of Kim Kardashian.


Who knew that Reuters owned a field in Minnesota. And yes, of course I was joking about the job application.

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