Wayne Rooney Slaps Wrestler Wade Barrett.

Wayne Rooney Slaps Wade Barrett-wrestling

I don’t know if professional wrestler Wade Barrett has had one too many pile drivers or if Wayne Rooney has taken wrestling to the next level for the sake of the ratings, but last night these two nincompoops made proper spectacles of themselves.

Some people say that wrestling around a ring with a sweaty competitor can result in a deeply humiliating case of herpes but last night at the Manchester Arena Wade Barrett found another way to humiliate himself. He let Wayne Rooney slap his crazy ass face.

Here’s what happened.

The Manchester United and England captain was sat in the front row with his son Kai when Wade Barrett started to trash-talk him.

The professional wrestler then climbed out of the ring and confronted Rooney. In Wayne’s defence, wrestlers are usually idiots and shouldn’t threaten members of the audience. Just stay in the ring, monkey.

However, someone had to kick that guys ass.

So, in what was clearly a scripted move, Wayne then slapped Wade across the face causing the crowd to cheer and stamp their feet.

This ‘slap me’ move from Wade may seem kind of stupid but other than power sliding his bitterly used Honda Civic across Wayne Rooney’s front lawn I can’t see how else he would have got his name in all the newspapers this morning. So well done Wade.

I guess much will depend on how much you want to see two professional athletes behaving like total dicks but if you press play (below) then you’ll see exactly what happened in all it’s technicolor glory. Just remember this – steroids have side effects, read the label.

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